High School:

It’s March and school is pretty much over. Like, I’ve been thinking a lot recently, “damn it’s been four years already.” I’m done. I can still remember my first day, walking into school, seeing unfamiliar faces, having Alex almost tackle me, scared the shit out of me. Honestly, I was scared, scared that I was gonna get picked on. A 4 foot 9 little nigga with an afro just sounds like the perfect target. Never got picked on, never got in a fight, never had any in-school drama. I was the weird little timid nigga, I mean I still am, but I’ve changed a lot. I cut the fro, grew a few inches, gained at least a little bit of confidence, ended up getting a girlfriend, dropped religion. I can just remember thinking “How will I fit in? Who will like me?” then realizing I didn’t have to fit in, people didn’t have to like me. Got out of my shell, told myself being shy and quiet will you get you nowhere. Going into high school, I just wanted to be remembered, but now I realize it’s not about how people remember you, it’s about how you remember yourself. I, at least, want everyone to remember me differently. High school was fun, learned a lot, met a lot of people. Honestly, if someone told me as a freshman how my life was gonna be, I would’ve believed him/her, I stayed true to myself. Honestly, I liked how I spent my four years; I didn’t get caught in a bad crowd, never smoked weed, never got “wasted,” never went to a skipping party, never had sex. My only regret is never playing any sports. Well that’s my high school story I guess, not really. I had more planned but I forgot a lot.

P.S. To you freshman: Don’t fuck up now; if you need something done, do it ASAP; and stay true yourself little nigga.

P.P.S. Rest in Peace Bryant Morillo.

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  • 14 March 2012
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