Class Night Cypher:

So, I signed up for the Cypher at Class night, It’s 8 fucking days away, and I’m already nervous as fuck. Like, I can’t even imagine my self doing it. I signed up for because it’s like a bucketlist type of thing. I’m not a rapper. I can spit the occasional lines, but I could never like make a song. I’ve never even rapped in front of more than three people, but May 3rd I will have to rap in front of like 500 people, more or less, that thought itself is just killing. I haven’t even finished writing it either. Like, I’m thinking about so much shit, like, what beat is it gonna be, how long does it have to be, who are the judges, how many people are gonna end up signing up. Like, only 2 people have signed up so far, including me. It’s supposed to be one guy and one girl from each class, but that’s dumb it should have just been 2 slots per class, but whatever. Everyone has been sucking the other nigga, saying how good he is at freestyling, or rapping of the dome or whatever. Like, they’re making it worst for me. Only 1 person has heard me seriously rap, but I’m still some butt. I really think I have a shot of winning, if I make my rap all hype shit. You get a trophy if you win, I’ve never won a trophy before, so that’s another big thing. Well yeah, I guess that’s it. Topics I’m trying to cover in the rap: Bryant, Class night theme, my twitter name c:, Seniors winning, and some other stuff. 

P.S. You can’t win without trying, put yourself out there sometimes.

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  • 25 April 2012
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